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Tuesday, 16 August 2016

ONAM - Festival of Kerala

Festivals of Kerala- Onam


Onam is the golden representation of Kerala’s culture and tradition. Being a land of cultural events, Kerala has upheld the pride of celebrating the glorified festival all the time, irrespective of religion, class, caste and creed. Onam, by the name itself a graceful essence is bloomed and so is a colourful ambience created. By this time every one must have imagined that one scene, of the “Chendamelam” raising its high pitch with elephants proudly saluting its birth land, boats racing with a challenging heat to seize that moment of victory and win the trophy of happiness and prosperity. Onam is all about welcoming the moments of delight and prosperity through the form of welcoming the legendary king “Maaveli” to every single house of a Malayali. He was a king, who doesn’t desire even a single child to be under poverty in his state; so on that particular day it is truly the blessing of God that everybody will be filled with richness and celebrated with glory. “Pookalam” with colourful flowers will be the welcome gesture and the king would be so proud to see the delight of shines and pleasured with the esteemed happiness spread all over Kerala.

Food is always a symbol of Kerala and it could never be disappointed from the expectations, a special guarantee is given by every mother in a house and every chef from a hotel. 

Hotels/Restaurants in Kerala would cherish their part in offering “onam  sadhya” during this period.  “Avial” a branded name to recognize the taste of Kerala and gets on through a numerous variety of dishes and ends with a sweet note of the “paayasam.” ‘Deliciously feasted’ would be the tagline after the last drop of the “Onam sadhya.” When it comes to food, there are lot of descriptions admiringly flowing but surprisingly the name of the dishes itself gives a generous decoration to it.

Shopping is the ‘next big thing’ in this festival. Kerala celebrates Onam as a prime festival and also shopping grandly. If a state entirely celebrates shopping as a festival, imagine the level of joy and zeal that flavours the entire environment. Exclusive sales of exclusive brands with huge offers and unimaginable prices with thousands of new designs and shuffled in varieties are the best part of the shopping festival. From the Grandfather of a family till the least kid of the family is taken part in this celebration. Dazzling showrooms are wide open on the corner of streets for the grant sale, not only that there are customized user efficient portal for the new generation youngsters to enter the best portal of collections with specific brands and specific styles, this is none other than the online portal. It is a digital era, and we as marketers have entered the house of each individual, now we are trying to enter into the hands of each and every individual.  Sites for all sorts of branding and sales are encouraged and it is a pleasure to open such portals on such a grand occasion. Probably the easiest way to convey about the collections and discounts of products is to pop a message and we could do something more than that.
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A detailed note of promotion of not only dress and fashion but also multiple products could be effectively undertaken and marketed with the help of the newest technologies. Digital enterprises have taken over the entire control and everything works under the system, it is with one confident vibe that connects us together with our unique paths, we could shine out bright in a heavy competitive world. Branding is the equal effect given to the quality of every product designed and created and branding is our trademark for quality of work produced.  It is not fair to miss the most mentionable yet admirable part of Kerala’s tourism; the government of Kerala has taken a lot of initiatives to showcase the scenic beauty of Kerala in the tourism department. To attract a huge number of foreign investors to the God’s own country, incredible carnivals and cultural events has been organized and offered in different parts of Kerala. With the help of Malayalee samajam, malayalis in different parts of the world are connected together and is waiting to celebrate during this golden period of the year. So break the chain of wait. Let us all celebrate Onam and celebrate Kerala for the pride of  being a Malayali. “Onam Ashamsakal.”

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  1. Kerala is known for the tourist destination in all over the India. Kerala is the best place to spend the honeymoon in the best possible way. I have been to this place few days back it is very much beautiful place.