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Friday, 22 July 2016

Most Searched Real Estate Company by Google Trends

Flats in Kerala

Trend over time by Google: Confident Group is the most searched company in Real Estate sector

Lash Green valleys, clear blue sky and beautiful water bodies is one of the most majestic creations of god, our very own ‘Gods Own Country’ KERALA. Kerala is truly blessed with the best of what the nature has to offer. With good weather round the year and ample greenery around it is one of the best places for Real Estate Sector.

Real Estate space over time has gone through some major positive transformation i.e. Built in kitchen cabinets, appliances, counter tops and other such installations are some of the new real estate trends. The popularity of fully furnished home have increased significantly and people always ask for these items as add on facilities before they finalize the deal with the Real Estate Companies.

Flats Apartments Villas
Most searched real estate company in India
In recent times the Real Estate Sector in Kerala is facing a downward trend but even in this scenario consumers are still searching for buying flats/apartments, villas. Majority of the searches are on Confident Group. This is reflected in Google’s Most Searchable Real Estate Company by Google trends in graph below.

Confident Group for the past 5 years has been in the clear top of Real Estate Sector with its diversified nine verticals, namely- Infrastructure, Hospitality, Aviation, Entertainment, Education, Health Care, Golfing, Retail and International trading. In India their presence is currently focused on Kerala, Banglore and Dubai with huge investments in Building flats, apartments & villas.

Trend over time by Google: Confident Group 


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