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Thursday, 23 February 2017

Govt. Certified Digital Marketing Courses

                Due to the high internet penetration and influence of New Media a new world of technology has been opened that is Digital Marketing. Digital Marketing is an advanced training program that have been designed based on the research and study in the global market. A high demand for trained manpower is needed in this field. This open to a  new door of opportunities. This new approach includes Online Campaigns, Business Lead generation, Blogging, Social Media Marketing ; as well as new technologies which comprise of most result oriented, Cost effective and Promotional strategies of marketing.

Digital Marketing Training


  • Certificate Program in Digital Marketing and Data Analytics
  • Certificate Program in Search Engine Optimization and Social Media Optimization (SEOSMO)
  • Certificate Program in Digital Advertising (CPDA)
  • Certificate Program in Responsive Blog Design and Blogging (CRBD)


.This program equip candidates to plan
  • Strategies to identify right prospects through inbound tactics
  • Strategic election campaigns through interactive Husting and Augmented Reality; 
  • Method to boost news published in online newspapers through lexical   Analysis,collaborative tagging and folksonomy algorithm
  • Product and Personal Branding ,
  • Reputation Management through Astroturfing,
  • Search and Display advertising plans,
  • Online PR and various online marketing tactics and algorithms.
  • Various Online Campaign tactics
  • Online PR and Reputation Management
  • Inbound Marketing
  • Search Engine Optimization (SEO)
  • Social Media Optimization (SMO)
  • Search Engine Marketing (SEM)
  • Social Media Marketing (SMM)
  • Data Analytics


 Degree or 3 year diploma

Duration, Fee and Payment Structure

         Duration of the program is 20 days; Fee for the training is 24,000+ tax.


Program highlights

  • Social Media Integration
  • Open Graph Features
  • Trend Analysis
  • Keyword Search
  • Buyer persona Research
  • Collaborative tagging practices
  • Local Business listing
  • Map Integration


    Plus Two


Duration, Fee and Payment Structure:

       Duration of the program is 12 days, Fee for the training is Rs17,500+ Tax


  Program highlights

  • Google Analytics and Web Master tool training
  • Google Ad words
  • My Client Centre (MCC) account creation and management
  • Option to get Google Certification 


      Plus Two


Duration, Fee and Payment Structure

      Duration of the program is 2 days; Fee for the training is Rs.3000+ Tax




  • Introduction to Blogs and Blogging
  • Different types of Blogs
  • Uniqueness and Structure of Blogs
  • Social media integration and verification process
  • Domain Name Control / Hosting Controls
  • Blog Spot templates, Editing HTML, Integrating Social Media Widgets
  • Setting privileges
  • WordPress: Creating account and managing blogposts
  • Header and body of HTML file(blogs)
  • Widgets/Jquery Integration
  • Alternative form of blogging-Tumblr,Flickr,YouTube etc
  • Metatags and verification process
  • Income generation modes - Adsense and referral marketing 
  • Search Engine Optimization techniques for Bloggers
  • Blogging Etiquettes and Rules of the web
  • Methods for tracking your blog visitors-Google Analytics
  • Your blog and local business listing
  • Google webmaster tool
  • Promoting your blogs through Adwords
  • EgoSurfing
  • RSS in  general and uses in blogging
  • Useful Web Tools: Google Alerts, Readability,delicious,Evernote,Google Docs etc


     Plus two

Duration, Fee and Payment Structure 

        Duration of the program is 4 Days; Fee for the training is 6000+ tax

For Application and Prospectus contact:
 Training Coordinator:

Monday, 20 February 2017

DigiLead 2017 a Breakthrough

Dr. Babu Thomas
DigiLead2017 was an event focused on “Digital Marketing”, the motive of this event was to highlight How psychological factors attracts Prospective lead. The main attraction of the event was the behemoth Google itself showing the data and quantitative figures of Digital Growth.

Dr. Babu Thomas, Chairman, Trivandrum Zonal Council, CII, inaugurated the event DigiLead2017.  

Dr. Saju Jose
The first presenter was Dr. Saju Jose, Asst. Professor, College of Business Abu Dhabi University. In his session he spoke about “Pursuing Digital Marketing or Perishing: without it”. Presentation focuses on why are people online? Why should you go online? And also the Benefits of Digital Marketing and its Strategies.

Dr. Sreethi Nair, digilead, digital marketing seminar
The second session was handled by Dr Sreethi Nair ,Dean, University College, Abu Dhabi University. She came up with a unique approach of Why Digital marketing? She spoke about, how a company should present itself, its products & services to public. The main attraction about her speech was The Mind Games of Marketing”.

Mr. Yatharth Attri
The final session was the most prestigious moment of DigiLead 2017. The presenter was none other than Mr. Yatharth Attri, Acquisitions Lead, Google Marketing Solutions. His presentation was about “Internet: Now & Next”. The speech focuses on Indian Digital Landscape i.e. India’s Digital Footprint and the position that India acquired in Digital Advertisements within a very short period.